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A chuckle a day keeps the blues away.

TWF Funnies

the joke’s on us

An illustration of a salami.


You will rue the day if you don’t check out some of our cheeky NSFW* loony toons, drawn by some of the best illustrators in the biz . . .

An illustration of a smiley face with a smile askew.

What the Fap

Toys, Toys, Toys. Take your pick, and fix your dick … you’re not a chick with a prick-ly pair? No problemo . . . we got lotsa tempting trix for one ‘n all.

An illustration of a smiley face with eyes askew.

WTF Yuk Yuks

If you’re NOT thinking WTF after looking at these uncensored, XXX-rated,  eye-poppers hand-selected to get a rise outta you, we are NOT doing our job!

An illustration of a lascivious looking frog with a pink tongue hanging out.


No harm in looking. Is there? Unless of course  . . . you’re at work or church or visiting grandma or attending a funeral. Sneak a peek, but only if you dare?