Lend a Hand

Beat the stick.
Video: Help! by The Beatles; Copyright – permission to link based on fair use; URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q_ZzBGPdqE .

Help, I need somebody
Help, I need somebody
— Lennon & McCartney

Help Us, Help You

A Noun Project icon of a feedback loop used to represent "offering feedback."


Good. Not so good. So-so. Off the charts. Please??? Let us know how we’re doing. ASAP.
A Noun Project icon of a lightbulb used to represent "making a suggestion."


Everything’s up for grabs, including our most sacred, of sacred cows!

A Noun Project icon of a question mark used to represent "asking a question."


Need some answers. Gotta question? Let’s hear it. No question is too dumb or too simple to ask and most likely, you’re not the only with something on your mind.
A Noun Project icon of two overlapping speech bubbles used to represent "making a recommendation."


Think of this as a tradeoff. If we are NOT going to allow advertising on the website – and that decision is more or less motivated by our pledge to protect you from adtech with it’s over-reliance on spying, then we will be relying on you to help spread the word – but only if you want to — about what a great site Fapware.com is.

A Noun Project icon of a bullhorn used to represent "word-of-mouth."

Word of Mouth

Crowd sourcing at it’s finest. Spread the word. There’s safety in numbers. The more advocacy, the less stigma attached to solo sexual activities. Write to us and we’ll mail out a promo code that you can share with your friends and at the same time, earn extra points that you can exchange for products and services.
An illustration of a circle of palms used to represent the idea of "Work With Us."

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​Icons: The Noun Project Pro. Licensed and modified for commercial use. URL: https://thenounproject.com/.

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