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Miss Ruby

Life Altering Events

Time to break some self-imposed rules that may be holding you back. Miss Ruby has just published an overview on masturbation and its capacity to change minds, if not lives. If you are one of the unfortunate few – hung up by masturbation myths that work at cross purposes – then you need to read this article if for no other reason than to realize: “When you invest in your own self-pleasure and sexual wellness, you experience real empowerment.” Still need a nudge or two? Keep reading.

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Goldilocks and the Three Dildos

Miss Ruby has a review that immediately reminded us of Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear, the only difference being, there is no middle path. they’re all yummy. And no one’s going to be eating your porridge or sleeping in your bed. In this fairy tale, all ends well.

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Mamma Maia!

Like Miss Ruby says – and Miss Ruby, she knows what she’s talking about – if you are gonna have a sex toy, you may as well have one that does all the work. Hear. Hear. You’re singing our song. Our Master Bakers just luvvvv gadgets that are well designed, easy to clean and a breeze to operate. The Maia Max comes with all the bell and whistles: it thrusts, it retracts and extends, it works remotely. About the only thing it doesn’t do, is sweep the floor and put out the garbage. If there is a drawback, it’s the noise level but who the hell cares. When your neighbours hear you buzzing and bellowing like a ragin’ cajun, they’ll be knocking on your door to find out how to get some of what you’re having too.

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Lotsa Flickering = Lotsa Dickering

Must be Thursday. Miss Ruby’s back with another gender bending review that will not only tickle your fancy but have your short and curlies standing at attention. Even better, with this little gadget, the NU Sensuelle Trinitii XLR8, you get a three-fer: (i) vibration, (ii) suction, and (iii) tongue. Go ahead, read the rest of her review to find out why she recommends this particular model over other brands. In fact, our Master Backers are betting that you’ll be adding this little chick licker to your collection even before you finish reading the article.

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