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Good Queen Bess

Betcha never thought you’d witness this: Lovehoney, the UK’s biggest sex brand, has been given royal approval with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Meaning? Lovehoney will be able to continue using Her Majesty’s emblem in advertising, marketing and packaging for the next 5 years. Plus they get to fly her flag too. And here’s the best part of all, this is not the first time this company is being singled out as an exemplary company. Lovehoney first won the award back in 2016. And here we were, thinking the Good Queen Bess would be pulling a Victoria, going into seclusion and mourning the loss of Prince Phillip. Boy oh boy, did we every get that wrong. The Queen, who just turned 95 this past April, continues to amaze! May her record-breaking reign continue long into the future.

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Love Thyself

. . . and forget about coveting thy neighbor. Here’s a twitter shout out from Lovehoney – a company that should be acknowledged for all the work and effort they put into promoting masturbation and sex positive practices and behaviors – that is encouraging us to make everyday a love yourself kind of day. Hear. Hear!!!

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part IV

To reiterate . . . these vibrators have been designed from the get-go to be recyclable. BTW, in case you think we are getting paid to do this, we aren’t. We just believe in the concept and hope like hell, it catches on. Our survival as a species depend on us, each of us, re-calibrating our behavior and mending our ways. What better way to start than with some eco-friendly toys. Like we said, every day should be Earth Day.

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part III

Lest we forget or we didn’t get the two previous messages or we were asleep at the switch, Love Honey is letting us know that they have partnered up with a company called “Love Not War” to design a powerful range of vibrators using materials that have been carefully selected to ensure that these products are not only eco-friendly but guaranteed to get the job done. Sigh. A Master Baker’s wet dream cum true.

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part II

Are you ready to fall in love with Love Honey’s new range of sustainable toys? Even if you aren’t environmentally conscious, they are worth checking out. These toys are made from recycled aluminum, recyclable silicon, 100% plastic-free packaging and recyclable with a premium feel, powerful silent motors and ergonomic and contemporary design. You might be amazed at how easy it is to get it on while honoring your commitment to Mother Nature and Planet Earth.

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part I

Love Honey is busy tweeting up a storm in anticipation of Earth Day. They have partnered up with Love Not War to create a range of new eco-conscious vibrators using materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or our waterways. By the looks of it, they are using eco-friendly packaging too. Like they say, check ’em out.

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A Vulva Owner???

What the f*ck is that? We had to do a double-take to make sure it wasn’t a typo. On first blush, we thought they were referencing vehicles, not vaginas. I mean, we’re all for inclusive language and at TWF, we’re making an effort to master pronouns, but vulva owners as a euphemism for women, that’s a bridge too far. Come on. Let’s get back to basics and call a spade a spade. Or, was that intentional and Lovehoney was deliberately using provocative language to get our attention. If so, touchè. If not, please, put a lid on it. PS. This tweet was posted a few months back and though it’s old news, it still sticks in our craw. IOHO, being pissed off by things like misuse of language, never go out of style and the article on renaming sex toys reminded us of our indignation over “vulva owners.” Does it come pre-owned too?

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Public Speaking Anyone?

Here’s an interesting tidbit, compliments of Lovehoney USA . . . Did you know that a Scottish study “found that after a sexual release, the majority of people have an easier time public speaking?” Therefore, the next time you are called upon to speak in public, all ya gotta do is . . . Take a moment to consider how this might play out in real life, before reading the rest of the tweet.

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