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Good Queen Bess

Betcha never thought you’d witness this: Lovehoney, the UK’s biggest sex brand, has been given royal approval with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Meaning? Lovehoney will be able to continue using Her Majesty’s emblem in advertising, marketing and packaging for the next 5 years. Plus they get to fly her flag too. And here’s the best part of all, this is not the first time this company is being singled out as an exemplary company. Lovehoney first won the award back in 2016. And here we were, thinking the Good Queen Bess would be pulling a Victoria, going into seclusion and mourning the loss of Prince Phillip. Boy oh boy, did we every get that wrong. The Queen, who just turned 95 this past April, continues to amaze! May her record-breaking reign continue long into the future.

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First Time Masturbating

To kickoff masturbation month, we are presenting an oldie, but goldie that was first published in April, 2019 but it remains one of our go-to articles that features personal accounts about masturbation.

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Elliot Page, first Trans, on Time

. . . not for an appointment, though it is looking more and more like he has a date with destiny; the fact that this particular young man has become the poster child for gender expression and neutrality. should act as an encouragement for all the people sitting on the fence, not sure which way to go. Most of us grew up knowing her as Ellen but in the past year, s/he has done an about-face and came out as transgendered. A clear act of bravery especially when you consider a good part of his celebrity was due to the many roles he played as a female.

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Long Haul COVID

What’s there to fear – other than the sucking sound from the depletion of your bank account – with Gwyneth looking out for your health and well-being. It took a year but Gwyneth-qua-Goop finally figured out how to profit from long haul COVID. In a recent blog post, Paltrow revealed that very early-on (BTW she has our best wishes for a full recovery), she fell ill with COVID and since then, she’s continued to experience fatigue and brain fog. Her solution? What else? Buy some questionable and over-priced treatments to make you feel “all” better. Would that it were that easy . . . Would that the people who are really suffering from this affliction could afford to pay for rent and food . . . Would that . . . oh forget it. What’s the point? She already has a sizable following that will buy whatever the actor-turned-peddler is hawking. Pity.

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Zoom Oops

In the spirit of schadenfreude, it’s this kind of screw up* (regretfully) that makes the news, especially when it happens to an august institution like the BBC. It shows that at the end of the day, we are human, warts ‘n all.

*We’re assuming someone slipped up. If not, and it was a deliberate attention-getter, we stand corrected.

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Reversing Trumpism, One Stroke at a Time

More indications that the new Biden Administration is losing no time in replacing some of the disastrous clusterf*cks – that’s an understatement – Trump signed into law, starting with the lifting of the Muslim travel ban. In addition, Biden is expected to repeal the transgender military ban – about g-d time – followed by a new rule that will protect transgender students’ rights to use a bathroom that best aligns with their gender identity. The rule changes underscore the belief that America’s strength lies in it’s diversity. Hear. Hear. What a refreshing change from 4 years of a MAGAT-infested do-nothing grand-old-party of poopers-and-dupers who maintain power through voter suppression, gerrymandering and self-dealing.

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Persona Non Grata

Yikes. John Cleese is in hot water with the trans- and trans-friendly folks. The twitter-sphere lit up yesterday, brighter than a Christmas tree. Though, while his words are insensitive at best, after reading the FULL quote, we don’t think his words were meant as an outright slur. Impolitic to be sure. Read the article for yourself.

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And all it took was three little words. Kudos to Sarah McBride. We wish her every success. Our Master Bakers are rooting for this trailblazer, but it looks like she is off to a good start. At least she can hold her own.

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What Woke Looks Like

Harris is already surpassing expectations. How refreshing! For her acceptance speech, she wore white, in recognition of the women who have come before her and on her Pinterest account, there’s a subtle nod to the non-binary crowd. Biden may not be ready to lean left but it looks like his running mate already has.

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Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead

Well maybe not dead, but definitely gasping and grabbing at straws. Flailing and flopping around like the foul-mouthed beast, POUTS turned out to be. Correction. He was always that way. It’s time to speak out, loud and clear, if for no other reason than to drown out the whimpering and whining. It will be a never-ending stream of BS, especially if Trump Inc. is able to acquire a TV station he can use to spread even more venom/vitriol. Maybe we’ll be spared if Trump stays true to form – does a runner – and slinks off to escape retribution. Maybe Putin will allow Trump to take up residence in Russia. That’s where he belongs, with the other kleptomaniacs. OTOH, if that doesn’t work, maybe we can do a trade: Trump for Snowden. A liar in exchange for a truth-teller. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice.

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