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Life Altering Events

Time to break some self-imposed rules that may be holding you back. Miss Ruby has just published an overview on masturbation and its capacity to change minds, if not lives. If you are one of the unfortunate few – hung up by masturbation myths that work at cross purposes – then you need to read this article if for no other reason than to realize: “When you invest in your own self-pleasure and sexual wellness, you experience real empowerment.” Still need a nudge or two? Keep reading.

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Happy Masturbation Month

If ya missed it, you’re not paying attention. The powers that be, have designed May as Masturbation Month. The one time of the year when it is okay to acknowledge and celebrate solo sex without fear of retribution. Though anyone who reads The Weakly Fap knows, masturbation and all of its manifestations, is the subject of glorification, all year long. To celebrate the event, Kinkly has published the results of a survey on masturbation that is a sobering, if not disappointing, read. Which means, we-qua-Master Bakers need to put down the remote, get off the couch and do our part to help spread the ‘good’ word. Who among us would have survived the COVID-lockdown without plucking a peach or polishing the bishop, as we waited to resume our former lives. Though rumor has it, those days are unlikely to return any time soon.

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Faplore – Earth Day

More food for thought. Wendell Berry nails it with this quote. Check it out and if you agree, please share. And let’s commit – as individuals, as families, as communities – to doing everything we can to celebrate Mother Nature and Planet Earth, every day of the year. Our Master Bakers will make an extra effort to bring to your attention, eco-friendly companies and reviewers for your consideration so you can make informed decisions and use your dollars to shop responsibly.

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part IV

To reiterate . . . these vibrators have been designed from the get-go to be recyclable. BTW, in case you think we are getting paid to do this, we aren’t. We just believe in the concept and hope like hell, it catches on. Our survival as a species depend on us, each of us, re-calibrating our behavior and mending our ways. What better way to start than with some eco-friendly toys. Like we said, every day should be Earth Day.

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part III

Lest we forget or we didn’t get the two previous messages or we were asleep at the switch, Love Honey is letting us know that they have partnered up with a company called “Love Not War” to design a powerful range of vibrators using materials that have been carefully selected to ensure that these products are not only eco-friendly but guaranteed to get the job done. Sigh. A Master Baker’s wet dream cum true.

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part II

Are you ready to fall in love with Love Honey’s new range of sustainable toys? Even if you aren’t environmentally conscious, they are worth checking out. These toys are made from recycled aluminum, recyclable silicon, 100% plastic-free packaging and recyclable with a premium feel, powerful silent motors and ergonomic and contemporary design. You might be amazed at how easy it is to get it on while honoring your commitment to Mother Nature and Planet Earth.

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Earth Day Twitter Storm Part I

Love Honey is busy tweeting up a storm in anticipation of Earth Day. They have partnered up with Love Not War to create a range of new eco-conscious vibrators using materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or our waterways. By the looks of it, they are using eco-friendly packaging too. Like they say, check ’em out.

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The Sex Toy Material of the Future

In anticipation of Earth Day, we are posting a recent article by the O-Diaries on the PREMIUM eco. What makes it a harbinger of the emergence of sustainable and eco-friendly sex toys is the development of Biolene, a biodegradable material that will replace (fingers crossed) ABS plastics, which are harmful to the environment and not recyclable. To get a glimpse of the future of sex toys, check out this article and if you are an avid collector, you might want to add this to your secret stash.

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Save Our Earth

Don’t know who Justin Kimbrough is? Nor did we, until we read this article by The Frisky. This young, serial entrepreneur has already racked up some impressive bona fides, but his latest venture – a fragrance- and alcohol-free hand sanitizer, together a project called with Save Our Earth, is committed to planting 3 trees for each bottle purchased. Removing trash from our oceans and turning landfills into sustainable energy sources using solar ponds is another project he is working on. What differentiates Kimbrough and his projects from his peers is the fact that he is seeking to be a solution rather than a part of the problem. Kudos to him and his labors of love.

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To Hell With Earth Day

Bet that got your attention. Why would we go out on a limb and make such an outrageous statement. It’s a no-brainer. Given the threats we face – everything from (it’s looking more and more like) irrevocable climate change, addiction to fossil fuels and the mindless mayhem resulting from extreme weather events – it is our humble opinion, every f*cking day should be Earth Day. To that end, Pink Cherry has obliged our angst by posting an article that features eco-friendly sex toys. Assuming you, like us, want to do your part to ensure sustainability, you can start by reading this article to find learn which toys are best for the environment. On the off-chance, you might be equivocating, remember this: If they’re good for Mother Nature, they’re good for you too!

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