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Masturbation Tips from the Masters

In celebration of Masturbation Month, Kinkly has compiled the ultimate list of masturbation tips and tricks from the self-proclaimed experts on solo sex.They suggest some routines to shake it up a bit and move from trying to get said act over as quickly as possible to slow mo’ing yourself into some deliciously pleasurable and nourishing self-care. And they don’t stop there. Keep reading because you learn some xperimentation and explorations techniques that will take you to the next level not just for the month of May, but every month of the year.

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What’s Holding You Back

Sure you want the best masturbation month ever, but you still stuck on some bad advice you were given in sex ed class back in grade 8; or you can picture your mom’s reaction the first time she caught you polishing the bishop; or you let your pastor convince you that wanking is evil and only sinners engage in that kind of activity. Yup. We were afraid that what might be holding you back is based on displaced myths and unscientific hooey so we dug into the archives and found an article that will dispel your worst fears; put the kibosh on those crazy masturbation myths you’ve been harboring; and set you straight – figuratively speaking of course – on how to take care of your sexual needs for optimum health. Relax. Enjoy. And keep reading. It may change how you look at the world . . . for the better.

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For the Best Masturbation Month EVER

If you’ve been struggling; running out of ideas; wondering how to have the best masturbation month ever, you can put your mind at ease and instead concentrate on what you do best. Shaking and baking – off and on – all month long. In the sprit of self-pleasure, the folks over at Kinkly have put together a list of ideas on how you can treat yourself to some really wicked wanking. Everything from mixing things up – and why the hell not to trying a toy – been there, done that, finding your groove, lube luvin, edging, etc.

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Life Altering Events

Time to break some self-imposed rules that may be holding you back. Miss Ruby has just published an overview on masturbation and its capacity to change minds, if not lives. If you are one of the unfortunate few – hung up by masturbation myths that work at cross purposes – then you need to read this article if for no other reason than to realize: “When you invest in your own self-pleasure and sexual wellness, you experience real empowerment.” Still need a nudge or two? Keep reading.

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Love Thyself

. . . and forget about coveting thy neighbor. Here’s a twitter shout out from Lovehoney – a company that should be acknowledged for all the work and effort they put into promoting masturbation and sex positive practices and behaviors – that is encouraging us to make everyday a love yourself kind of day. Hear. Hear!!!

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First Time Masturbating

To kickoff masturbation month, we are presenting an oldie, but goldie that was first published in April, 2019 but it remains one of our go-to articles that features personal accounts about masturbation.

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Happy Masturbation Month

If ya missed it, you’re not paying attention. The powers that be, have designed May as Masturbation Month. The one time of the year when it is okay to acknowledge and celebrate solo sex without fear of retribution. Though anyone who reads The Weakly Fap knows, masturbation and all of its manifestations, is the subject of glorification, all year long. To celebrate the event, Kinkly has published the results of a survey on masturbation that is a sobering, if not disappointing, read. Which means, we-qua-Master Bakers need to put down the remote, get off the couch and do our part to help spread the ‘good’ word. Who among us would have survived the COVID-lockdown without plucking a peach or polishing the bishop, as we waited to resume our former lives. Though rumor has it, those days are unlikely to return any time soon.

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Male M&Ms

We’ve been saving this article for just the right moment and guess what? Bingo! That moment is now, given that our impromptu theme for the day is leaning in the direction of males and – what else is new – their manhood. Dr. Sunny, at Pink Cherry, has put together a great overview on male masturbation that covers everything from intimacy; sexual development, psychological and physical benefits; products that target the male anatomy (with a shout out to male masturbators) and according to Planned Parenthood, how masturbation can enhance sex between partners, both physically and emotionally.

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Juicey Goosey

Pornstars, Chaturbate, Soap Operas. The Shopping Channel. Whatever it takes to turn your crank. If it works for you, go for it. However, for a change of pace – Master Bakers can only take so many reviews, how-tos and how-not-to’s before crying uncle – check out the intimate details and minutiae of this guy’s wank-and-watchapaloosa. To us, it felt disconnected. Lonely even. Not quite what we have in mind when we advocate for all things ‘M.’ But like we said before, different strokes for different folks. So why does this read like it’s the end of the world. Must be the lack of touch and self-quarantining getting us down or as Stanford calls it, zoom fatigue.

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Types of ‘Gasms

First off, let’s get this straight: all Os – big, small, perfunctory, mind-blowing, run-of-the-mill, etc. – are valid. No right or wrong. Just different. With that in mind, this week, on Girl Boner, August McLaughlin explores three first Big O stories and 10 types of orgasms and she covers them all. Everything from C-gasms and V-gasms, G-spot, P-spot, Sleep, Back . . . Thinking off (hands free) to ejaculatory vs. non-ejaculatory (dry) and multiple orgasms. And can routine vibrator use interfere with orgasming without the buzz? Keep reading to find out.

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